A little background. Two years ago, I was head over heels in love with Nokia Purity by Monster overhead Bluetooth-headset. And until recently it was believed that the totality of the factors is the best option. JBL S400BT could almost unbelievable - they persuaded me. These top 10 bluetooth headphones for running - my new personal favorite.

Design of top 10 bluetooth headphones for running.

They must be measured : the dynamics of massive, some people, they are converted into "Cheburashka". About the design itself is nothing special, perhaps, say, the headphones as a bluetooth headset. The word that best describes the JBL S400BT, - the quality factor. Decent build, nice materials, everything is very high quality and as if for a long time.

JBL Synchros S400 BT is certainly worth trying before you buy

The headband is made of polished steel, it laid the pleasant artificial leather, the material is also called Faux leather. From the metal bases made cups outside - plastic with Soft Touch coating on the inside - all the same ekokozha.

Metal bluetooth headband JBL Synchros S400 BT

Ear cups JBL Synchros S400 BT made of artificial leather

The plates can move along two axes: left and right, up and down. It is very convenient and very useful for compact fold the best bluetooth headphones. And when you say something, and the bluetooth headphones do not want to shoot - you can simply open one ear.

JBL Synchros S400 BT design allows any Provocation "ear"

The size of the headband is adjustable between approximately five centimeters. On the arc is marked with guides, a total of 14 divisions, step - 2 mm. It is convenient to fine symmetrical adjustment estimate by eye, as put forward by each party, it is not necessary. They did have backpacks on this, I would be happy.

Right cup JBL Synchros S400 BT is equipped with NFC antenna

The right cup has a NFC antenna for easy connection to your smartphone, the left - 2.5-mm jack for connecting the audio and charging, microphone and hardware buttons to turn on Bluetooth and turn on / off the bluetooth headphones. In addition, the left speaker is responsible for all management. Surface with JBL inscription fully touch.


All controls - touch , no other choice. The movement from left to right - the next track, from right to left - previous. Bottom-up - the volume higher from top to bottom - below. If we draw from the bottom up and not to remove your finger - the speed will increase. Place the track is paused or run it, answer the phone - a simple tap on the left cup, hold your finger - to reset the call. Remember it is not necessary, it is very intuitive and understandable. But there are two jamb.

First, lock the touchpad is impossible. Accordingly, any attempt to fix the headphones can be read as a gesture controls. And the second. Winter, cold, gloved hands. Express-test gloves showed that if strongly to press on the panel or if terry gloves - perelistnut the track and adjust the speed of work. But to put the song on pause - this is from the realm of fantasy.

Each control gesture is accompanied by a LED: around the left cup and a 2.5-mm connector for charging. The practical use of it only during the on / off headphone - jack flashes red and goes out, you can be sure that the bluetooth headphones are turned off. The backlight on the left cup which overflows, and repeats the direction of the swipe, the owner of the headphone does not see, just because they are on it. But the beautiful, which is already there.

Light indication of operating modes JBL Synchros S400 BT

Each voiced gesture controls, when you put the track is paused, it does not break, and calms down. And vice versa - when the playback volume increases gradually. It turns more elegant - there is no break in the poluzvuke, and membrane time to get used to change the volume.

Incidentally, one caveat. The volume is not synchronized with your smartphone. That is, you can delete your finger on the cup, but if the smartphone is not the maximum volume - will still be barely audible. Someone like this, some do not. Just know. Stream music via Bluetooth 3.0, that is, the battery is not particularly eating.


JBL claims 15 hours of music playback and 20 - in the talk mode. In practice, it turns out even more. I listen to music on the way to work / training and vice versa, that is, somewhere in an hour or two a day. In this mode, the headphones have to charge about once in two or three weeks.

Charging JBL Synchros S400 BT is through a 2.5 mm jack

Poor, that know in advance that the battery is about to die, it is impossible. The display of the smartphone bluetooth headphone battery level does not appear to have no application. To hint that it is time to charge and must glowing red, a 2.5 mm jack.

But there is, in the words of Chapayev, nuance. Headphones on my head. Jack, I can see only when their turn. And then not always - a gesture quickly goes into the category of automatic, push the button without looking. So two options: either to charge the headphones preventive, scheduled or always carry with the supplied cable to connect to your phone.


At JBL S400BT no noise isolation , nor active, nor even, it seems, passive - all surrounding intershum perfectly audible. What is surprising me, a fan of the technology of active noise and complete isolation from the outside world, it absolutely was not embarrassed.

Somehow outside sounds do not interfere, except on particularly noisy spans metro. Maybe it's the PureBass technology, it provides the bass, which literally feel the whole body. Inside the 40-mm speakers, frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. No "porridge", a great volume. In a word, JBL - he is the JBL . Great sound.


Headphones - the thing is still very individual. Fans of rock should be one sound, those who listen to pop music - quite another. Moreover, terrible to say, the shape and dimensions of the head and ear - are different. Though JBL and other brands included in the Harman , and try their struggles lead to certain standards, headphones still need to be measured. And at least 10-15 minutes to listen. It seems to me, JBL Synchros S400BT by a combination of factors - some of the best headphones 2017.

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