Mon, May 6, 2013 at 2:58 AM By: Haitian Bell

Because of all the things I went through in life and i'm able to share it with others. I believe that we are all connected with each other some how. I know I lived before and in this life I have to accomplish just as much with less resources. Ones might think i'm insane for that comment but so be it no one knows my purpose except God and me, I didnt learn this over night and it certainly has not been easy getting to the point in my life. I know what ever I want I can get it with hard work. I tell my family I love Mr. Jones and their like girls you crazy but they don't doubt me and my ability.

Yeah ok Nas I love you, for the man you've always been imprefect and all. You are the type of man I see myself with the kind I deserve so I wouldn't I love you. I love myself so I can only want the best for me and in my eyes thats you. When I was working at my old High School in Queens I enlised so QB students to intruduce me to you. It took some pursuding but I had the chance. When they came through they said that you were dating someone and you know the rest. I don't knowinly date anyone who has someone not my thing so I backed off and thought mayb I was wrong in what I though waas for me. But then again I was young wild and had a lot growing up to do, that i'm glad it didnt happen, I did not cook well clean or anything, I lived alone and my mom came to my house to wash my colthes and to clean and cook. I had nothing to offer partied everynight smoked mad weed I thought I would never stop smoking weed. Then I became a real women and stopped and will smole again when I retire.

I have to much work to do now and I don't want my smoking weed to get in the way of the message I was charged to deliver. Men and women play different roles as It would be okay for you cause yur a man it will hurt my career in helping the youth. It helps me with the youth because i'm able to say I was you and if you allow me to assist you and your ready for a change then we can work on some steps together. I gave you alil synopsis of my life and most of what lead me to where I am mentally and spiritually as a women, mother and child of God, I wear man more hats however these are my top 3.

My LIFE IS GOOD it will be better with the outcome of me begin one of the winners of this contest plus having the opportunity to meet and chat with you over dinner and wine. I would like to bring lil man to meet you so he would know Nas is real and he doesnt only love in the computer. After that meeting he would go with my cousin b and we would have some alone time. Please overstand that I KNOW I'M NOT RICH OR SKINNY OR FAMOUS. I got that Life is good without those things i'm workin gto make my life and those in my family, and community better. I don't need fame, to be happy all I need is strong people in my circle who have the same vision in uplifting the youth and improving our community.

I may not be able to have you as my man, however I do believe we can be friends. You can be the person that God puts in my life to meet my husband or you can be the template of what my husband will be like. Either way I know your going to be in my life in a good way. I would have like to know you before so you would know I like you for you. Can you love some one for broke and see the potential in them.

Life is Good Nas lets make it better by giving me the opportunity to have a sit down with you. Teach me how to make a mill I have skills and im a fast learner. I will NEVER STOP NEVER SETTLE . LIFE IS GOOD

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