Mon, May 6, 2013 at 2:19 AM By: Haitian Bell

I come from strong black women. My great grandmother passed at 101 and had she recv'd proper medical treatment I'm sure she would have lived longer. She was my grandmothers mother we came from St. Marc Haiti and we live on the main road and everyone knew who my family was and if they truly come from the town then they still know of my family, my mothers side and my dads side. The women out number the men 5 to one, the family house was the place to be. Their was like 20 ladies growing up on the property. Black, brown, light, short, tall and all were slim. My great aunt use to throw major parties and the house. We have a club in the middle of the property back home and they use to entertain the locals and dignitaries. My family feed the poor took in those in need and that where I come from. My grandmother had 9 children and five are women.

Her first born is my aunt J whom I lived in Queens with to attend high school has two children. My cousin G and B. They are my older borther and sister as long as I was with them I could do anything and not get in trouble I burned with both of them all the time. I loved living their. Anywho My Aunt J is the baker, she taught me how to be domestic in realtion to baking, making Ice cream all the lil things she did with us that made a difference in my life. She had breast cancer and was sick for a long time and had both breast removed. Her husband uncle ray taught me and my cousin b how to drink. He would be like " come here bitches and drink this shit johhny walker black and red label. He would say that guys would want to take advantage if you didnt know how to drink nd try to touch your pussy. He was a straight shooter and told us the truth and we would love drinking.

My second aunt ra im her name sake and she loves to drink too. She is the cook of the family. these two aunts and my mother cook alike but she is the best told tell my mom I said that cause I will deny it. She knows how to my duck, I mean everything under the sun but she is retiring and I've been taking classes to learn and the recipes down for my cousins and I and our kids. We have to come through for our kids like they came through for us. He granddaugther just had a baby show on Friday, her mom my cousin ( so) lost her son to some accidentail murders in July 15 last year when your album dropped. My cousin b and I had to step up and be the rock for the young and old alike. The life lessons we learned coming up equiped us for this feet we went through. We will never to over this and everynight I pray for my cousin. Anthony will forever be missed and that whole in her heart can only be filled by God.

My mom is the 3rd born and she is the cook straight talker as her older sister and shes different. Whom ever I dated loved to come over for dinner I love my cookimg but go crazy over hers, I use to mind when I was younger but now I strive to be better. She is thebush lady, my country they have a bush for every ailment. You have a sickness she can fix it for the most part. When she came to the U.S. they all worked in a factory and one day a worker drove a packed forklift into her and slammed her into the wall. She broke both her kness and legs and have 5 operations her left knee and 4 on the right. She was never ever suppose to walk again said her doctor but she did not want to accept that. She was 30 years old maybe younger she did mad threapy. Times were truly hard at that time but she made due. We sit and talk when we get along about those times about what people did to her to me. She was suppose to be a multi- millionaire but her borther my uncle who was translating for her didnt give her the right info. He told her if he cant be wealthy and been in this country long then she wouldnt and cant be either. Through everything she rised It took over 10 years to get her back to walking without any help.

If you see my mom now she looks great. I pull from these women who have family, careers and lives. I pull from my elementary school principal who told me dont givr up on my community work, keep at it. When she first started she had to go around begging for students to attend the school and the following year people were begging to get their kids into the school. She is out spoken strong career driven and family orientated, and community involved." I know I can be what I want to be if I work hard at it I'll be where I want to be" says Nas. I know i can achieve all things with God and my super dope backative. The key as they said is having the right man to compliment the movement.

My foundation was set from young, and I went on I had other surrogate mothers of differnt races and ethnicity. All these women had one thing in common they loved me and taught me to love myself and that I am worth everything I want and need. Family, career and community development that I should nevr stop and never settle no matter how hard things looks and gets. No matter what Life is Good.

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