Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 4:47 AM By: Haitian Bell

my boys are healthy, happy and safe. I have a growing relationship with God and we're getting closer everyday. It's funny when u think to your self God has forgotten about me when the truth is he's the only one who has been their. He has giving me strenght that I didn't want to tap into what others have seen in me all my life. You ever want something so bad and in the back of your mind your afraid at actually succeeding. Thats how I felt before my relationship with God. Everyone knowing theirs something special about you but you. I know if you put me in the front line for someone else what ever the charge I deliver but for myself different story. I like to please people and think about my self last which is a changing work in process for me.

I have two awesome boys, im working on my life purpose which is to help others improve their lives and improving my own at the same time. I have an event coming up in Brooklyn, May 19, 2013 on Nostrand Ave between Clarendon rd. and Ave D. All are welcomed, its a community event celebrating the inception of the Haitian Flag. June we have a health fair and i started collecting application for a youth talent show for August. I'm doing it so far in advance so the youths could practise during the summer and not get into to much trobule. their no summer youth jobs and no community centers in Flatbush well at least not yet, im working on that though. In July I have an awards luncheon planned to raise money for office space. My grandmother is getting tried of me holding meetimg and things in her house but when I dont hold anything there shes like what happen to your meeting. Grandma's what you gonna with them. I've also started a kickstarter project where im filming a documentary about the need for a community center in Flatbush Brooklyn and the funds raised will go towards providing back to school supplies for 1500 youths for the entire year. The goal is 500 elementary 500 middle school and 500 high school kids, it has been posted yet because i'm still working on the format.

So some might say I got a lot going on but the truth is I feel behind. All the things i'm doing I have my sons family and friends involved it funny and better that way, we all can grow and learn together as a community. Oh yeah did I mentIon I was single most people don't believe that but its true. Its hard at time yet you learn to live wit it, I know the One will come when God says I put in engouh work. So till then i'm booked, kids, work and life. My life is no where near prefect our where I want it to be yet im very happy cuz I have life. In essence I WILL NEVER STOP NEVER SETTLE LIFE IS GOOD. As I read this entry i'm like gal you really need to edit this post but i'm not cuz guess what? LIFE IS STILL GOOD.

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    On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 5:02 AM, Haitian Bell said:

    Your support is nice your overstanding will be even better what ever makes you happy is what I want for you. This post is not prefect yet what it aims to do is such is life. Prefectness living in unprefectness with GOD LIFE IS GOOD,

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