My Life is Good because...

Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 11:22 PM By: Q

I met a man
who taught me
of a man
who was taught
by a man
the history
of all things
past gods
rulers and kings
revelations of tomorrow
including you and me
until eternity
this man
is courageous
he looked darkness
in the eyes
and said
let there be light
went to war
with the darkness
in the darkness
won the fight
emerged with
the radiating sun
causing motion
celestial rotation
evolution - revolution
1037 and 1/3 ciphers
by space and time
76 quintillion miles
in circumference
on his shoulders
he called out my name
and I obeyed
rising like the sun
a form fitting dress
and a hill that kills
the vitality
that exists
to fine garb
swaying against my form
a peace
crowning my head
illuminating my womb
walking in shoes
called mother
giving birth to
new life
a new mind
no blood bottoms
but love bottoms
this is high fashion
can you see
what's happening
my wallet is filled
with knowledge and wisdom
my bag is stuffed
with understanding
not hermes
but her ways
my ways
can heal this world
creating change
in the world
out of triple darkness
let there be light
let me be raised
so I can be
the best help meet
to the Original
Blackman -
That's you Blackman
Black Men
The Black woman's
becoming mighty
once again
I see you all...
Life is good!

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