Fear and Love

Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 5:56 PM By: Loves Chemist

Spending time alone, I understand one of my fears is that I am Great. So funny to know someone who fears being great. But I know it came from a condition with being in this world. When ever I know I am on display for my greatness, like a child, I throw a tantrum. I think of my nephew, whenever too many people are starring at him he gets so shy he just falls out. Well thats how its been with me. Today Ive decided Im embracing my greatness and when on display I will be humble and grateful for Gods gifts.

Looking to get rid of fear has been a task for me. To the point where Ive found that getting rid of fear is a waste of time. Ive decided its better to just pick up courage and press on. Im happy to say that Im enjoying this process thanks to the help of my Angels.

Ive decided as well that in my greatness I must allow myself to be patient for a great man. A man with Gods light shining through him, I saw a man like this once so I know he exists. I will allow myself to embrace the idea of he and I fully... then I know I will embrace him truly. Im proud to say that I am preparing for my great man. To my Dearest Soulmate, you are my greatest gift I send my love to you and know that soon you will be at my side. In your presence I feel a deeper level of love. You bring the best of me to the surface and allow me to bask in the spirit illuminated. I am here and I am waiting and available for you.

Chemistrys Love

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