My daughters are my suns

Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 4:38 PM By: Nastan

On October 1, 2002 my oldest daughter, Khaliyah Iman was born and I was young (19) straight out of high school just trying to make it. MY husband had been taken away months prior to her birth and I had to be mother and father to her. I had dreams of becoming a chef and attending Pittsberg Culinary Institute with my best friend. All my dreams were placed on hold the moment I found out I was having her. I didn't care about school or anything else @ that moment because I had to be strong for her. My youngest daughter Khayley Iesha was born on September 14, 2008, and she is what some might say is an illegitimate child because she was born outside of my marriage. She came from love @ the end of the day so I have no regrets and both of my daughters are my world. Sons are important too because I just gave birth to my first son, Khalil Nasir ali however daughters must be paid "special" attention all the time. If you dont raise girls right, they will be raised by the street and feel like they need to always look to a man for attention and everything else. Daughters are hard to raise and is probably the hardest job on the planet to maintain but in the end, the results are a beautiful flower blooming into her own woman. and thats the greatest gift of all!

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  1. My daughters are my suns

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