The choice of 10 top baby strollers brands for newborn baby gets up long before the baby's birth to the future parents. And it is right. Indeed on arrival from the hospital the parents will not have time for this. Quickly decide on such a complex issue can only be defined in advance with the desired future 10 top baby strollers brands features. The following describe the main types of baby strollers, list the pros and cons of each type and give general guidance on what to look for before you buy.

The main criteria when choosing a 10 top baby strollers brands

  • Before turning to the choice of the pram should be for yourself to answer some questions:

  • Baby strollerThe amount of money that you are going to pay for the wheelchair.

  • The time of year in which the child will be born. For babies born in the winter, stroller should be as insulated, spacious bed (for a child in a warm down jacket by volume), the

  • bottom is made only of wood. For the spring-summer period is needed ventilated cot. Acceptable bottom made of plastic.

  • Do you live outside the city or town? Consider the possibility of transporting wheelchairs in the vehicle.

  • The period for which you purchase a stroller. There are models designed just for infants and intended for use up to 2 - 3 years.

  • Operating conditions stroller (sand or gravel beach, forest paths, park paths and city sidewalks).

  • If staying in a high-rise building is important to know the internal dimensions of the lift and the width of the door opening the front door. If the lift does not operate correctly,

  • special attention to the weight of the wheelchair, because you may have to wear it.

  • Place storage carriages (apartment, balcony, staircase, corridor). It should be easy to get in front of the walk, and after - to put back.

  • The fate of the carriage after the child grows up (put up for sale, give relatives and friends leave for the next child.)

Differences quality pram

  • I have a hard bottom. This allows the spine to be a child in the correct position;

  • Belts to prevent the fall of the child;

  • Protection against bad weather (wind, snow and rain), the bright sun, insects;

  • Compactness in the assembled position and easy folding mechanism. This is very important when storing stroller in a small apartment and it carried in the vehicle;

  • Bulk shopping cart at the bottom of storage. It is indispensable for the campaign with the baby to the store and to transport toys on a walk.

  • Brakes;

  • Shock absorbers;

  • Wheels must be stable, inflatable, with high traffic;

  • Adjustable height and tilt angle of the handle, wheel position, seat and canopy. The presence of the reversing handle that allows the child to go forward as the face, depending

  • on the sidewalk and looking at the parent;

  • Removable cradle. It is easy and convenient to move the baby during sleep;

  • Easily remove the mattress and a removable fabric (for dry cleaning and laundry);

  • The appearance of the stroller. It must necessarily like mother of the child.

The main types of wheelchairs

Convenient volume cradle mounted on the chassis of the crusade. These carriages are equipped with a bag (on the handle) and a basket (bottom). The bed has a solid, horizontally arranged bottom. Convenient and comfortable baby will feel sleeping in a wheelchair after discharge from the hospital and up to 5 to 7 months. After that you can either use the model with a removable cradle, which is set in place a sitting seat or stroller purchase.


hard bottom;
height (mother comfortable to lean to the baby);
excellent protection from the elements;
soft suspension, allows to rock the baby without difficulty;
for the carriage of the lower basket is cleaned, and the chassis is composed.


Weight 15 - 20 kg;
large size;

in the walking embodiment of the carriage is quite high, and many children love to climb on the seats themselves.


They are intended for the grown children who are beginning to sit up unaided. When choosing a model, you should pay attention to weight and dimensions. Although it is desirable that they were minimal, but they are obliged to comply with the age of the baby.

For walking on uneven roads, stop attention to models with soft suspension and smoothness. The front wheels must be pivoted (vertically), and the stroller - to have brakes.


ease of folding;
the presence of movable backrest;
reversible handle and welcome for the cold season cover on legs (included).


a low level of comfort on bad road;
small diameter wheels, as a result, poor permeability;
they are rather "cold";
tricycles model although maneuverable, but if it enters the potholes are unstable;
trehkolesniki not pass on the ramp at the entrance and shop.
Photo strollers (clickable)

Strollers --- 2 strollers
Strollers - canes
One of the varieties of strollers are strollers - canes. Although assembled their width is only 20 - 30 cm, the length can not afford together in the trunk of your car (especially if it is small), because on this parameter, stop look for when buying.

In addition to the pros and cons of most recreational models, "Cane" has its own characteristics.


easy transport (ideal for transportation in public transport);
light weight.


unacceptable for use in cold weather (autumn-winter).

It is the most popular variant of prams. The cradle can be easily transformed into a sitting seat and vice versa. Suitable for children from birth and up to 24 - 36 months. The data model kit usually consists of: large wheels, shock absorbers, bag, rain cover, envelope - carrying, reversible handle, the curtains for the legs and sides, imitating the cradle.


efficiency (question with a stroller for the baby disappears);
size and weight is significantly less than that of the classical models;
compactness when folded;
models with large pneumatic wheels can be called "SUV";
reversible handle and seat belts.


lack of rigid base;
in winter carrycot can be cramped;
the center of gravity shifts when throwing the handle, making it difficult to control;
much more cumbersome than walking options.

Universal (modular) pushchairs
Universal Modular stroller 3 in 1

Stroller 3 in 1

In the illustrated embodiment, the different modules are mounted on a common chassis. In models such as "2 in 1" are sedentary unit and cradle. Options for the "3 in 1" is also equipped with car seat (it is designed only for children born to 1 year). Read more:  How to distinguish from the stroller transformer module?


devoid of the negative qualities of the "Transformers";
They have big wide wheels, reversible handle;
carrycot has a rigid base;
possible transfer of the cradle.


high price;
size and weight of (expensive models weigh between 10 kg and inexpensive - at least 17 kg);
immobile, for transport and storage require a lot of space.
Before buying a stroller it is desirable to see with their own eyes, touch and try on, to check its usability and functionality. And remember, stroller should be useful not only for the little child, but also for his parents.

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