Life is Good because I am blessed thread the lotus of the house of The King of Kings

Mon, May 6, 2013 at 3:56 AM By: ThreadBlessedLotus

Life is Good because I am blessed, a thread,the lotus of the house of The King. Divinely sent, Mass in my name,vast is my appeal TRUTH, no game. Praise to the Almighty God for life is Good in God who created the sun, moon, stars to be signs and wonders, not plunder. We are personification of the Spirit of the life that is Good in God, I am just a spirit of the truth a Dove amongst vultures who scheme to steal Godly light. Life is Good in the light, that shines out of one branch of the great tree so real beyond the pines I am quantified like the second letter in my name defines, the E=mc2 the mass of my Christly squares who are the light defined in my sons E(-)lohim Adonai that means literally do the math understand my path born of the Father to be one of the strong chords deriving of Siriusly star crossed Olmec-MendeYonlis of Dogon Mali Holy Ethiopian Diamond in the rough bloodlines , out of many I am one African queen lotus lily born to unite the Almighty kingdom of heaven nation as promised oblation greeting God' Son. Life that is good intertwines combined souls the label biblical black madonna magdalene good wood rosary Medjugorje feminine mother of the "Babes" Davinci G-coded Elohim Adonai resurrections, one 2008 beside the great river, my life is good arted in the Lord purified by one the Healing 2010 Mt. Carmel where God through Jeremiah's belief N->N the 450 prophets of Baal. Life is Good because I die daily, awaken resurrected, and live eternally seeking representation protection of a destined prophetically Melchizedekly King Messianically knighted in destiny. Life is Good as an Oblation destined by God ordained through Jesus Christ, personified in my Adonai, the Groundhog of the 40th day everything changed. Life is Good for earthly daddy flowed with the AZiatic about my children who were promised to enter the world already given to the Heavenly Father who would guide them in the world as "Son of Man" Ezekiel vision, God's love lampstand to their feet as I am just the vessel, beacon chosen daughter to keep them on the ordered path. Life is Good for I have original children born of the Father in heaven who sent them to be a part of the greatest journey of all time, nation building the city ,creation of The Lord Is there. Life is Good this is my truth not a poem although I am a lyricist this is no rhyme I do not need a t-shirt that is not why I am a dove amongst vultures never straddling fences expanse greater than culture dedicated commited to the Dream the reality divine design of the meek peacemakers children of God who give thanks to one day see his face as we enter the great city. Life is Good because a Hennesy voice soothes through the speaker keeps a Nemo swimmin' living, temple smoke apogee parigee cohiba wrapped bottom to the top like the hubble watch me "Bubble" on my "Heavy" hustle assymptotical living above the clouds like the guru premiering evidently liken The Life is Good God particle in me, fulfillment the earth eternally never really hiding always in front seeking to Satta a Massagana Ahamlack Ulaghize ( = "give thanks to God continually"). The King of Kings The Lord of Lord this is why my Life is Good ghetto dreaming in the Light! Bugatti N_Ever 2 Godly. One Love, Life Is Good , YoungWorld, PEACE!!!!!!! Oh my God I Will! Grant Grace by the Power of God I Am.

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