"I Know You Think My Life Is Good Cause My Diamond Peace, But My Life Been Good Since I Started Finding Peace"

Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 5:45 PM By: DaBoiEnvy

My life is good better yet my life is great because through my 19 year span I was blessed with a beautiful family, a steady job,I feel healthy, and I wake up every single morning. Also another reason why my life is good because since I was a young one I grew up listing to Nas he is one of the reasons why I grew up to be the person I am. So even if I don't win that's not what its about im just here to tell you Nas thank you and to me you ARE the greatest MC. So life will always be good for me as long as I got my fam, a job, health, and Mr. Nasir Jones music."Im ghost one love"

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  1. "I Know You Think My...

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