When learning a foreign language, memory training could mean a big difference with how rapidly you learn and how much information you remember.|

A highly effective memory technique that can help you when you're learning a foreign language is to connect foreign words to things which are familiar to you. |

A big problem when it comes to remembering foreign words is that they are really unfamiliar to us that they make no sense.|

We can try this memory technique with the Spanish word for hot: "caliente". The word is not even close to being like the word "hot", so how do you remember it?|

It's vital to recognize that the images that work for one person might not work for another.|

Know that this memory training strategy takes some time to master. I have spent the previous ten years becoming fluent in spanish. I love to travel to nations around the world were they speak Spanish. When you meet folks from a Spanish speaking location they are really normally really nice. There's no doubt that for the most part they're just very family oriented and they're always there for each other.
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