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Post 20 7,000 views!
I remember how I felt at 200 and where I was in the tunnel last December heat packs in my gloves Getting ready for the game that would take us to the play-off's
You can’t imagine how I felt when post 20 was deleted

Most post come from the top off my dome piece no recipe to repeat

The piano was moving my pen breath in as much beauty
Embrace it all the good and the bad

"Harlem's Nocturne"

Drop it
Yeah, yeah
Come in for a minute,
Welcome back
It's just me and you in this room right now
There's so many things that are on my mind
Ah yeah, ah yeah
Sometimes it's hard to say
So I take all I've got
And so I take all I have
And I put it into this
I put it right here in my diary
Can u feel it?
Uh, uh, uh
Take this journey with me

This CD just got so personal
This CD just got so deep, stop the pen again to take it all in

Where was I the shadows or the light we all have the POWER to choose
I call this time in my life just paying my dues
To have faith you must walk without sight.

Track #3 Heart burn
Right about now I was in my kitchen writing dropped the pen for a little shoulder roll

Adrenaline rushing in my body
All my power I just can't fight it
No matter how I keep on tryin
I can't deny I got this...heartburn [repeat under]
Burnin in my soul
Call the fire department
It's out of control
This CD put me back to a place in view I would like to share with you

Tastes so good I can't resist
Getting harder to digest
Can't take no more
Gotta shake it off, and break it down
And take it to the ground with me now
Everybody say OOOOHHHH...
Don't you know I got this...heartburn [repeat under]
Burnin in my soul
Call the fire department
It's out of control
What you tryin' to do?
Heartburn [repeat under]
Burnin in my soul
Call the fire department
It's out of control

I saw Alicia in concert Atlanta with Missy Beyonce was the head line.
That woman can put on a show wardrobe changes dancing to dangerously in love even back then appearances with Jay Usher and OutKast
Left out the part about Ms. Whitney Houston in the audience that night So true but let me continue on
Alicia puts on a great concert!
Dance and classical next time I
I’ll journey into The String section, blues or even classical
In town visiting my mother
I made it 24 years as her only child her only daughter
When she managed to do it again I got triplet brothers
By now they are two I am twenty six
Pulled up to Publix $75 bucks go charge my card
For what?
The time I needed for myself was my mother’s reply
No go get a ticket
Those are my brothers I’d watch them anytime without a dime!
Big Sis’s babies 4 years before I had my own
HURRY UP KAMIEL!!! YOU don’t have long! Broke my thought I was in a zone.

o I said "Docta, Docta, tell me will I die?"
And he said, "Count to 5 Alicia"
And I'm goin to be all right, Let's go! 1,2,3,4
You have little over an hour to get back home
To shower and get dressed plus these Atlanta streets and it’s traffic can put you back some.
Shake it Shake it Shake it off...go head girl
Shake it Shake it Shake it off...oohoohooh
Shake it Shake it Shake it off...go head girl
Shake it Shake it Shake it off...oohoohooh
Go head girl

If I were your woman
If I was your woman
Here's what I'd do
I'd never, never no no
Stop loving you, yeah
If I was your woman
Here's what I'd do
I'd never, never, never
Stop loving you, yeah

Pressed Dressed like on display Parking my car and I missed Missy I was running a little late
Saw two sisters headed that way
All excited it was easy to talk all our smiles painted across our face
Walk with us one of them would say
Can’t believe what just manifested I can remember thinking as the light get closer to the Arena
starting to ring a bell
Track #5 should too I can feel it so well


Baby, baby, baby
From the day I saw you
I really really want to catch your eye
There's something special 'bout you
I must really like you
Cause not a lotta guys are worth my time
Ooo baby, baby, baby
It's gettin kind of crazy
Cause you are takin over my mind
And it feels like oooooo
But you don't know my name
And I swear it feels like ooooo ooooo ooooo ooooo
You don't know my name
(round and round and round we go, will you ever know)

Got through security with my camera
The Usher escorted us
Ladies take you tickets up there
And you Ma’am
Your seat is down there….
We waived our goodbyes
Wanted to cry with excitement I didn’t know how good my seats would be
Just an hour ago in Publix getting tickets while mom was getting coffee

This next song Yep I posted before and now back on repeat
Ya see it goes so well cause I’m living this here daily!

But um, this is the waitress from the coffee house on 39th and Lennox
You know the one with the braids?
Yeah, well I see you on Wednesdays all the time
You come in every Wednesday on your lunch break, I think
And you always order the special, with the hot chocolate
And my manager be tripping and stuff
Talking bout we gotta use water
But I always use some milk and cream for you
Cause I think you're kinda sweet.
Anyway you always got on some fly blue suit
'n your cufflinks are shining all bright
So, whatchu do? Oh, word? Yeah, that's interesting
Look man, I mean I don't wanna waste your time but
I know girls don't usually do this,
But I was wondering if maybe we could get together
Outside the restaurant one day
Cause I do look a lot different outside my work clothes
I mean we could just go across the street to the park right here
Wait, hold up, my cell phone's breakin up, hold up
Can you hear me now? Yeah
So, what day did you say?

Third ROW!
Just one single seat
Just one single seat just for me!
My camera came in handy
Still have some pictures
I glad too because
That night went too perfect you would have thought I wrote in my own part
Ya know pulled a Scandal
Random thought just caught up on seasons 1 2 and 3 Net flicks is what’s up
All summer I haven’t watched regular TV.
Still my prayers for Israel don’t need the news
Everything is viral camera phones loaded right onto YouTube

A Barista for real
The modern day Cinderella
Carolina blue
Season 2 working with the Panther’s
No matter the job you can’t less her!
Carpooler’s thanks for this night writing reminiscing to music with you
Much better than looking to move the dresser
Rearrange things in life sometime it can be a struggle
Tiresome too
But the satisfaction much more pleasurable!

This summer heat!
Today's date is July 15! Currently

This night from my pad comes from the 12th

Track #7 is got me feeling like a whelp
Puppy love but I’m very much a woman.

Something I thought was originated maybe by me
Laughs out loud guess not research dairy back to the 2nd century
A diarist in my own right

Reflections are filled with so much insight
Was Alicia where I was when she made this song?

Tonight this song brings new things to me
It gets deep

Plus can’t go wrong with any CD from Mrs. Beatz

Dragon Days
My little one has been gone 3 weeks and my days at times do seem to Draaaag On

1st grade soon

Things won’t be long

I say I’m paying Dues my faze
My friend texted me and said Girl
Time to Cash out

One day
Still go head and count me in don’t count me out….

I stopped at 11:18 p.m. took a little break and here
Like a damsel in distress
I'm stressing you
My castle became my dungeon cuz I'm longing for you
I'm Feeling strong for ya
You're my knight in shining armor
See your face in the silver moon
Hung over the lagoon
And it feels like

Dragon days and the fire's hot
Like a desert need water
I need you a lot
Dragon days
I need to be saved
I'm missin' you
And the day drags on and on

What happen next I won't do justice to describe it

Slow motion

Drops pen
Deep breaths in
The words…
Oh baby you
Oh baby me
Oh maybe we can try another day
Another way
All in my mind
I'm wondering why we cannot find
What was left of the beginning
If I could
Meet you again,
Miss you again,
Kiss you again

It would be, it would be so simple
Cause I would love you again
Hold you again
Need you again
It would be, it would be
Could it be, could it be so simple
Now it's hardly simple,
It's just simply hard
When it comes to you and
I find myself not being myself
Just to avoid all this confrontation with
Oh baby you
Oh baby me
Oh maybe we can put this armor down

Another flashback
Arm around waist after the words I uttered to my cousin
Can you take this picture please?

So simple you would think
REAL LIFE stories all faction
Writing anything that resembles movement like pen and paper lasting attraction

INSPIRE- ENCOURAGE-Steady moving even if slow motion STAY FOCUSED

Another school year is amongst us
Make today the day to TEACH
Reach out share your valuable lessons
In a crowd of 100 kids you win if 1 hears
LOVE it is so important
The easiest way to defeat life’s daily injustice
LOVE if it is so easy why is so many filled with rage
Live a little while the world will make you feel this way
Look at these kids Look in their eyes Look at their face
With all my challenges I face I won’t stop until
That first dirt is thrown and you see doves fly away
Thank you Carpooler’s
POST 20 Hip Hop Hurray!

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