Sun, May 5, 2013 at 3:50 PM By: Muriella

Life is Good because it's exactly what the universe provides us with a good life. My life is good because I have inner peace regardless of my outer circumstances. Along my journey I've faced trial & error, pain, hardships, joy and celebration. "You grow through what you go through" I've learned some valuable lessons and learning experiences. It helped me grow, shape my character, maintain integrity and evolve as a woman. I am thankful and express my gratitude daily. Plugging my ears and pressing play to Nas music has been an inspiration to my soul and a rock to keep me grounded. His music is relative and he has a creative way of communicating clearly to the listener. Songs like Me & You/ Daughters was an eloquent way of communicating to his child, a man walking in his shoes and for me it gave me the ability to understand things from a male perspective. I value my family as well its the foundation and valuable like every breath that we're blessed with. I cherish my friends, this gift of life. I think what I have in common with Nas is the ability to keep it steady regardless of what you go through. Sometimes you have to take the higher road and other times you have to stand your ground. Stay true to yourself no matter what. Once you feel good about yourself everything else will flow and be good. My life is good and I want everyone else life to be good too! Love Life...Life is Good....Peace

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