R&B (Rhythm & Blues)

Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 8:55 PM By: Fabian Muhammad

R&B for me began in the late 70s
With the disco boogie of the Bee Gees
Staying Alive, How Deep Is Your Love, More Than a Woman
Fever Night and You Should Be Dancin'
Making you want to boogie or in the mood for romancin'
And that ain't no Jive Talkin'
Earth,Wind and Fire and the Isley Brothers
Marvin Gaye, Al Green and Stevie Wonder
I mention them just to show that I ain't no new comer
So Let's Groove tonight and share the spice of life
No need to sing Reasons if everything's all right
And I'm so Overjoyed you came by
Showing For Your Love there's a Ribbon In The Sky
And lady you know it's true when I say to you
Like Rose Royce, I Wanna' Get Next To You (wink)
You see there's only One Way to tell you why
I feel so good, you're nothin' but a Cutie Pie
But before I Let Go please don't be mad at me
Because I got to be sure of your love for me
So big up to Maze & Frankie Beverly
Kool & The Gang was all about the Celebration
and I can Get Down On It because I'm a party sensation
Heat Wave's Always and Forever and Ain't No Half-Steppin'
Was a couple of their popular recording sessions
The same was for the Bar-Kays' flavor
Like Hit and Run and Freaky Behavior
The Dazz Band had a major hit
We all know about it....Let It Whip
The funk pioneer that would insult you quick
And he would just tell you that he's Rick James...
Oookaay, let's switch, that was a bit too suggestively explicit (Ha, Ha)
With him gone things ain't gon' ever be the same
He had Fire and Desire and loved Mary Jane
Tom Tom Club came with a Genius Of Love
Now everybody sing, there's no beginning and there is no end
This is how nice I get from my mind to the pen
And just so you can see that I'm the boss
I'm calling on my man Luther Vandross
We know A House Is Not A Home when there's no one there
And dropped a Bad Boy for him to beware
Michael Jackson and Prince? Peep this
Human Nature, P.Y.T., Lady In My Life and Thriller classics
Let's Go Crazy and Dove's Cry to add to it
Yeah they had more that I adore
But this is just a short dedication score
And I got to mention their peers that also got large
Morris Day & The Time and El-Debarge
777-9311 and I Like It were the jams
Just a couple making us love their sound

Owww, Cameo is in the building y'all
Candy, Shake Your Pants and Word Up, owww
I'm on a roll and all the way live
Zapp & Roger's Computer Love and Grapevine
Had more Bounce To The Ounce with a funky vibe
New Edition certainly had plenty of hits
Candy Girl & Cool It Now, that ain't even as good as it gets
Bobby Brown said it was his Prerogative
bustin' out dance moves along with his bad boy attitude
Al B Sure's Night & Day was such a delight
But Keith Sweat's I Want Her and Make It Last was just tight
And who can forget Guy's Piece of My Love and I Like
Fantasy, but I'ma' Just Chill aight
And here's one I know we all can feel
I only think of you...Two Occasions by Babyface and The Deele
And the 90s brought too many to mention but here's a few
Tony, Toni, Tone, Boyz II Men, Hi-Five and Color Me Badd too
Whatever You Want, you know I can provide
It's our Anniversary and I'm celebrating 'cause I can't hide
My feelings for music that makes me feel so alive
I Like The Way...yeah, the kissing game
I Can't Handle It & Wait Another Minute for more of the same
From my love and for it to ever remain
R. Kelly and Jodeci made incredible songs
Whose impact was strong and almost could do no wrong
So girl Come & Talk To Me and Stay for a little while
Our time together will show that I ain't no child (Ha, Ha)
You Remind Me Of Something but it escapes me
Oh yeah, it's 12 Play, R. Kelly, R., TP2.com, Chocolate Factory
What you know about TP3.com and Double Up?
The man just keeps coming with it tearing it up

And I ain't throwed, I know all 'bout them girls En Vogue
Hold On and Don't Go, now do you want mo'?
Mariah Carey came with a Vision of Love
Love Takes Time and My All
Songs from the heart of a lover's call
And no matter the weather
Her comeback Emancipated her with We Belong Together
And with love loss, overtime she'll just Shake It Off
As you can see I rhyme slick
And I liked the Jeezy/Jay-Z remix of this
And just as we knew it, E-MC2 was another hit
Sometimes I get so Weak like S.W.V. because for my lady
I'm Right Here and do about Anything whenever she needs me
Let's back track for a minute please
I want to mention my girls Chaka Khan and Teena Marie
Ain't Nobody, I Feel For You and Through the Fire
Shows the passion of a heart's desire
You see I'm Out On A Limb like Teena, ha, ha
'Cause her songs make me feel so Ooo La, La, La
See, I'm all about the women
Like Anita Baker and Whitney Houston
Sweet Love and Rapture were just so melodic
Making you feel love in the air that's so romantic
Sade, what can I say? No Ordinary Love and Is It A Crime
So many to mention but not much time
Janet Jackson was in Control giving us the Pleasure Principle
If and Any Time raised many eye brows baby
And I Get So Lonely, but still just can't let anyone hold me
And exercising Discipline is a grand understatement (LOL)
To Aaliyah, we miss you in this new millennium
but we'll never forget that you're One In A Million

Beyonce broke out of the Destiny Child bubble
Blowing competition out with Deja Vu, Get Me Bodied
Irreplaceable and Upgrade U
Alicia Keys is holding her own in the game
But my favorite from her is You Don't Know My Name
Ciara brought her Goodies, 1, 2 Step and Promise
Some nice hits from the princess' on the scene
I ain't leaving out the 411, My Life, Mary J. Blige the Queen
You heard her singing to her boo on The Breakthrough
Letting her man know that she don't wanna' Be Without You
And she brought more of the same
With the bangin' album Growing Pains
And if I may be so bold
Keyshia Cole may just be the heir to the throne
But for now I'll just Let It Go
Yeah, I'm as crazy as a Foxx, Jamie that is
Unpredictable was hot, knocking jams right out of the box
This is how I Run It like Chris Brown
'Cause I get it on and Poppin' like nobody around
You Make Me Better, the Fabolous and Ne-Yo collabo
This is rather long, yeah I know
And it's about time I end this show
I know I left off a few major playas
These are my Confessions, so Yeah to my man Usher
One more time for the ladies I leave this serenade
Something I would do until the break of dawn
Put my name in the same vein as Raheem DeVaughn
But before I go the truth got to be told
I dedicate this to James Brown, The Godfather of Soul

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    On Sat, Jan 4, 2014 at 6:34 AM, Nysleepless1020 said:

    'Well Said and nice blog. Music today have our young black sista exploiting and degrading themselves and our young brothers thinking you got yo be a gangster to surivive, real talk you got to be educated in the books and in the streets to survive

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    On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 7:16 AM, KSOLO said:


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