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    On Fri, Apr 26, 2013 at 3:33 PM, rb said:

    Considering the statement, “life is good”, without life there is no “is”—no present, no past, no future. Such a state is neither good nor bad; indeed, it is not.

    Without life—no consciousness, no intelligence—without which trillions of stars in the universe do not really exist. Without intelligent life to know, explore, and do something, vast matter and energy is not known. With life, it matters.

    Life is inanimate stuff organized for successful existence, which can feed, grow, and become. Life became intelligent. I, presently living an intelligent life, am not only perpetuating—carrying on—intelligent life, but have an opportunity to advance and modify that intelligence. This is good; intelligence lives on and advances through us.

    So, we may ask, can life be bad? Of course, for those intelligent people oppressed. They are deprived—robbed—of their life. In such a condition, it is even worth risk of death, if it may lead to free intelligent life or could give future people a chance to live.

    It is good that I am currently not living is such a state; I can live my life freely. Life, my friends, is therefore good.

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