Back Down Memory Lane with VIBE and Nas' Brother Jungle

Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 2:57 PM by User 0 Comments

In the second Edition of VIBE Magazine's video tour with Nas' brother Jungle, the two take viewers on a tour on the famous Queensbridge housing project that Nas and his brother grew up in during the time of Illmatic.

After taking viewers back into the apartment where the young emcee grew up, VIBE and Jungle continue their tour of Queens, making stops in their neighborhood to significant places mentioned throughout Illmatic. Jungle revisits the tragic scene of where Nas' childhood best friend, known as Ill Will, was murdered while re-telling the events of the fateful evening.

The events of that evening would further motivate Nas to make it out of the hood and reach the levels of success that he has over the last two decades. They further the tour with a visit to the exact scenes where the video for "A Queens Story" was shot as well as the cover for his debut album, giving viewers a real life look at the album's famous artwork.

Take a look at this exclusive tour and get insight on the makings and the legacy of one of Queensbridge's most famous emcees.