Listen to Nas Discuss the Making of Illmatic with Zane Lowe

Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 8:59 AM by User 0 Comments

As the 20th anniversary of Illmatic approaches, Nas recalls the making of the album that would change hip hop and go on to impact his generation and many more to come. In an intimate interview with BBC Radio's Zane Lowe, Nas goes into detail describing the social, cultural, and political factors that inspired him to make the classic album.

Discussing his childhood and his experiences growing up in the inner city, Nas describes his world in detail, writing rhymes in his notebook, witnessing the first black mayor of New York City, and the increase of drugs, guns, and crime in his hometown. Nas goes further to explain the pressure he faced as an emcee as he strived to create a body of work that his peers and those who looked up to and admired in hip hop culture at the time would respect.

Listen to the interview and pre-order the special anniversary edition of Illmatic XX, available April 15th.

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