Bill Mollison: Father of Permaculture

Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 12:43 AM By: JamieWade

Bill Mollison is worldwide known as “father of permaculture”. He is a researcher, author, scientist, teacher and naturalist. Permaculture is a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, and environmental design that develops sustainable architecture and self-maintained agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems. Bill Mollison makes a reputation all over the world in the field of agriculture and he is known for spreading awareness among peoples about benefits and advantages of permaculture. Bill Mollison was born in 1928 in Stanley, a small fishing village in the island state of Tasmania, Australia. Bill Mollison faced so many struggles in his life for surviving. His father ran a bakery, at the age of 15 his father died and he decided to leave the school at that age so that he can run his family business. Bill didn’t get a chance to go to college as other people do in that age. He spent his life as shark fisherman, forester, mill-worker, snarer, trapper, tractor driver and naturalist. After that he joined Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization’s (CSIRO) Wildlife Survey Section as a biologist. He made his career as a biologist. He was part of research team and worked in different regions of Australia. He also worked on various species and forest regeneration issue.

What makes him Extraordinary?

Bill Mollison‘s dedication, passion and hard work make him to earn the title of “father of permaculture” and list him among extraordinary people. He believes in commitment. He always emphasizes that if you want to do something then don’t think about the hurdles just work hard for it and you will get success in life. He spent his life in research field as who encourage developing a sensitivity to the patterns that exist in nature, to determine their complex functions and the various interrelations. He is winner of Right Livelihood Award, a prestigious honor often cited as an “Alternative Nobel Prize”. He also wrote so many books on permaculture that provides advantages and disadvantages of permaculture. “Permaculture One” (co-authored with David Holmgren based on David’s thesis) and “Permaculture Two,” are among famous books contributed to the field of permaculture. He is person with extraordinary capability of working hard and work with dedication. Bill spent his whole lifetime spreading the concept of permaculture.

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