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  1. I know this pain has left your heart numb The void it brings from losing a son... A hole so big not even the universe can fill A pain so dire no medication can kill... His first days on earth were tears of joy Introducing to the world your lovable baby boy... But now your tears of joy have turned into tears of sorrow Awaking each day knowing he wont be here tomorrow......

  2. I could turn on the news if I choose But The World Is Too Much It just gives me the blues... The fighting of wars and ruining Gods land The World Is Too Much We fail to realize his plan... People dying from disease, violence, drugs, and greed And the World Is Too Much To think of those who are really in need... Power and politics doing scams, schemes, and lots of...

  3. "NAS"

    Sun, May 12, 2013 at 6:33 AM 2 Comments

    Most of us call him amazing You disagree I call it hating It doesn't matter how they feel To us he keeps it real Never ever to be mistaken For granted not to be taken Told you once, told you twice He's nasty aint nothing nice His rhyming always precise True knowlege is what he's given Teaches us through all his music This world we really live in Showing...


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