Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 9:14 AM By: KSOLO

She knows
When the beat comes in I can’t help but dance

Sad but true I’m just seeing the video flash back of my school days...

Damned if I do, damned if I don't
Got me up so high, trying to get a piece of that apple pie
I be up so high, trying to get a piece of that apple pie
Dance on fire, with my pants on fire
Well alright
Niggas say turn up, hoes say turn up
Only bad thing about a star is they burn up
Niggas say turn up, hoes say turn up
Only bad thing about a star is they burn up

Sometimes that’s how I feel burned up from the daily routine
And after a long day under wage come home to make sure
Little man clothes get clean

So I’m sitting here feeling like I have nothing to say
Yet all the thoughts pacing in my mind would have me feeling a different way
So I’ll use music today really everyday

Ear buds injected into the computer
While my fingers search Google play
Think I’ll stick with J.
Give N.C. more play

Speaking of THE CAROLINAS Happy Juice in stores distributed on dislay S.C. DJ B Lord no more Mike’s hard Lemonade


He say we made it but with ought me we still on the way.

Never mentioned in my “hay day” I ran the promo streets

Hoping Hip Hop would let the Carolinas get a little say
Texas, Florida, ATL Shorty O.K.

Lil Ru’ came through with a deal from Def Jam


With 10,000 sold shelved the next day
Right before he blew he gave SC no respect
In return a stop on those advancement checks
Don’t get me wrong he is like family to me
What I’m learning is you can’t turn your back to these streets.

Charlemagne Tha God on the breakfast club


Proud of him for where is has gone

Part of his success is he still shows love! S.C. stand up!

May take longer for a response but if I hit him up my phone call won’t be ignored.

When I say these streets I ain’t talking bout being a killer B
Show love to these kids gives back to a community.

They say never forget where you came from but we all out grow things…
Just don’t forget where your heart was when you came out your tuff time

Remember the struggle remember the worries pacing through your mind
Remember how you felt Thankful when you first crossed that line
Remember it wasn’t all you and know time is money

Will you give a little time back it’s not all about a check
Go plant some trees for your great grand’s to breath
In the end it’s the sowing of your own seeds

Mean while these words can express how I feel…

I mean you think you making way and then POW you really don’t but if you don’t give up and your heart in it to turn a song around soon will be the words she wrote

Yeah, long live the idols, may they never be your rivals
Pac was like Jesus, Nas wrote the Bible
Now what you're 'bout to hear's a tale of glory and sin
No I.D. my mentor now let the story begin…
I was strikin' out for months, 9th inning feeling fear
Jeter under pressure, made the biggest hit of my career

Said you the one, yo why you make that shit?

You the one though!

Yeah you the one though stick with it ya dig!

I ain't mad at you, young king, this unsung song is haunting
Along comes a one son called a offspring
Freedom or jail from Fayetteville to QB though
Yet still being my momma's son was my biggest honor
This shit was just kinda just a hobby in my project lobby
We was tryna be the Queensbridge Cosby's
But the street life robbed me of that, so I had to put it in raps
And who could I ask for help?
I was just tryin to show you
that if you say what's on your mind, you can stand the test of time
Now I'm playin "Born Sinner" loud, saw you live, rock the crowd
Like wow, you made your nigga Nas proud

The truth is there will be highs there will be lows
There will be someone younger ready to strike for that picture you pose
You can’t help everyone not at all
Just remember even if it was far in between how you felt
When you got that help

When you leave what’s your legacy

Tell a Shorty it’s their birth right to be Kings and Queens
Stick with listen to your heart

Imagine how J felt when that same beat outta pain came the
Reflecting on that sequel as it top charts.

Never give up Carpoolers
Summer is no time to rest
Life is every moving and it’s sad when not just police but kids go to school in bullet proof vest.
If your star light dimmers from what the world has done to you
Give the rest of your light to a little star and know part of it’s shine is because of you!

Hope your having a great summer Carpooler’s No days off There is work to do!

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