Take them to school carpool #13

Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 9:16 PM By: KSOLO

Spring weather seems to be here. Winter gave a harsh march still stepped away. Time seems to be going fast for soon it will be May.

Looking into Camps for kids Summer is at bay.

I have been true to my name Solo for a bit.
In my daily living and living well in it.
You are always in my thoughts. My web page has sent dozens of comments which have inspired me. Not to mention my daily jog. One thing at a time until you balance it then it's a steady pace.


When the first lady picks a Campaign you should Listen
Health and Health care it is a Great thing
It isn't fair it is brilliant!

Visa Vera will forever be one of my crunck songs! I'm crunck now click you tube with me and rhyme along
Troy was the name of my friend in middle school...

(Pastor Troy kilt it!!!!)

Visa Vera my 3rd and I'm balancing it!

(I'm doin' my best to save my people)
It's like, (The people & I will rely in God)
Picture everything that you thought was good, was really bad
Everything bad, was really good


I wanna make you use yo mind, God has sent a sign
And when you listen to these rhymes, n%$#@a take your time

In my Ksolo form I try to keep all 600,000 thoughts a day in positive form.

Heard that at church www.elevation.org 600,000 thoughts a day!
What do your thoughts have to say. #CRASHHATCHATTERBOX

Not sold on his name -_-
Secret plays from my professor at my HBCU('S) Shout Out to them (Historically Black Colleges) Almost like Easter dates B.C. So glad I learned things unseen in most printed books.
Still a mystery

One of those questions I will have to wait and see.

House of cards Netflix hope they are filming season 3

Listening to Drake
I got my eyes on you
You're everything that I see
I want your high love and emotion endlessly
I can't get over you
You left your mark on me
I want your high love and emotion endlessly

In the morning along the trail the thoughts their lovely It's like I'm coasting
Is that what Spike Lee felt like his infamous cloud nine view?
I remember the one when they were sniffing glue... I really need to go look it up!
Was it Do the right thing?
I'm going right now from my heart off the top of my brain.
We will get back to that it brings up another thing.

We all have “vices” We all have hearts We all have choices We all have parts. You are here for a reason

Shout out to Rev Run Your post do the most for me! I love his outlook on life, and his wife Mrs. Justine. I love how he speaks keeps it cool and is chilling. Keeping it positive...

dodging negative thoughts like you in a ring #kickboxing #cycling biking with the kids Enjoy the weather lunch dates at the park
thumbs up America exercise
Listen to the the first lady when she talks.

I thought of writing then Belated Birthday to B.I.G
When he died I would talk to him
Even play now as he looks down up in heaven and talks with him I have had much to say.

Congratulations to Lil Kim. A mother what a joy to be. Parenthood is like looking back at a little me.

I got my eyes on you
You're everything that I see

Cause you're a good girl and you know it

Drake be doing it for the ladies Lol can't get mad a drizzy.
You know how you tube video lead to others

Yeah, you know word of mouth
The square root of 69 is 8 some, right

the text that I write is gonna say

Oh na na, what's my name?

Need to go to bed soon swervin' lanes balancing is the name of the game!
Speed should be steady like the stride of a horse.
They call them Thoroughbred why of course.

It is the year of the horse in the Chinese NewYear
Proud of my son read Chinese great!
We are all Galloping through.

272days this year is left and You can count on you!

Focus on the wins and not the losses
Make it Count
I'm out

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