Take Them To School Car Pool #11

Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 9:08 AM By: KSOLO

I mind as well post three post today and at 3:46 am 4300 views I don't know what to say.

I have been trying to listen more

Thoughts can come and go so fast
No need to move to too quick
when taking it all in


Anigie Martinez
Animal House

Blast in my ear buds
That was my CD
Some of my favorites to this day
Angie Mar Thanks Mama
Tell them again

"still grounded neva been way up in the sky
workaholic still spend days inside
angie u could neva break me , i move wise
and thats til the day I die , oh my god

a primitive mind, is all i
all i eva had
and u will neva break me
til the day i die

You can't process it all yourself
Same words ring in
Like my favorite number 3

"All I could do is give you me if you choose to believe it's on you
I live in peace I could sleep but I don't choose I'ma animal the promos, the station, the
movies rap Rebecca Lobo
I run elbows with people you couldn't a "Hello" from with a mask and a gun you don't gotta ask
how come or where I'm at
I work! I wanna make that clear to cats nuttin's free and no you can't run to me, I'm ten years
deep you to young for me
You could sleep while I drop album #3 and
Yeah you could hate but somebody lovein' me evidently"
Yeah Angie!

Just had a burrito I made from
Garam Masala and sweet potatoes
Some days
I over meat and...
The way they process things

Thinking about giving it up for Lent
Easter is near so we shall see.

Rev Run's brother last week delivered a tweet
Kelis has a new show coming called Saucy and Sweet
I say Good luck and Congrats I think its a great and creative
The mom in me way to think

Even when I crave it it don't taste the same Nas and Busta might be able to explain
Hmm... Fried chicken, fly vixen
Give me heart disease but need you in my kitchen
You a bird but you ain't a ki'
Got wings but you can't fly away from me
Driving in your bucket seats

Life is not all black and white its grey and blue too
Monica said you can catch rays of iridescent

Some of my post seem redundant
But when what's to come
Love is all we really have left

Today is Sunday so put on your Sunday's best

"Even my skin is changing oh
I'm feeling warmer no more icy blue hearts for me
You put the color back in my life
And now where there was black and white
you're becoming iridescent"

Love God, Love yourself, Work hard for what you love

The key ingredients
with that you can pass any test
It gets hard to figure out at times what to believe


It gets hard sometimes knowing or not the things we put in our bodies.
My last three post including this one I feel my thoughts are all over the place so let me sum it up some
Take Notes like I do in class
hoping in May my transcript will say Pass

Love everyday
Love in every way
From the kitchen to what you wear
You are the package so handle with care

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